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American style sliding pull up window

The articles shown below are all about the American style sliding pull up window, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the American style sliding pull up window. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these American style sliding pull up window articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • What does the logo on the car glass mean

    What does the logo on the car glass mean   The authenticity of auto glass also determines the ability of auto glass to resist shattering and the degree of damage to personnel after it is shattered. A qualified car glass product must have 3C certification. At the same time, the 3C certification logo

  • How to maintain the appearance of the glass?

    In ordinary life, the use of glass furnaces is very extensive, and the usefulness and effects are endless, but if it is not properly maintained, it will cause losses to the glass. In order to reduce the abrasion and mildew of the product glass, the appearance maintenance method is usually adopted wh

  • The tempered material of the side window of the car glass is conducive to the escape of people

    Comparison 1: Front and rear windshieldIt's broken but doesn't splash and still keeps sightOn the front windshield of a Kia car, there is a small pile of hard-to-find logos and numbers in the lower right corner. Technician Wei Chuangbin told reporters from Nanguo Zaobao that a lot of useful informat

  • How to deal with scratches

    A few days ago, someone called and said that the front windshield of the car was scratched, which affected the vision when driving at night. Many people don't want to change the glass, so they find a way to deal with it by themselves, and find fine sandpaper to polish it. Some people think that this

  • Exchange and repair of automobile glass

    There are two types of automotive glass: one is laminated glass and the other is tempered glass. Laminated glass is a layer of PVB film in the center of two layers of glass, which will not be completely broken when it is broken. Even if there is a severe impact, the glass will not fall off, and the

  • What is the difference between aluminum alloy sliding window and flat sliding window?

    Whether it is a home or a shopping mall, a workplace or a car, the choice of windows is a relatively important choice. Windows is the only tool for connecting with the outside light and ventilation. There are more types of aluminum alloy windows. Many people They are all questioning whether to choos

  • What is the reason why the window of the car glass can not rise and fall?


  • Talking about the development of China's automobile side window industry

    After reading a research report on China's car side windows released by the country today, I suddenly felt that the competitive pressure in today's society is so strong that it makes people feel like a wake-up call. I am dull and can't figure out the country's development strategy in a large environ

  • What is the reason why the side windows of the car glass cannot be raised and lowered?

    1. The glass glue strip (including the internal pressure strip) is aging, dirty, deformed, etc., which will form resistance to the rise or fall of the glass. Generally aging, deformation, etc., it is best to replace the new sealing strip, if it is too dirty, just clean it directly.2. The glass lift

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