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China School Bus Side Window Assembly Factory

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  • Exchange and repair of automobile glass

    There are two types of automotive glass: one is laminated glass and the other is tempered glass. Laminated glass is a layer of PVB film in the center of two layers of glass, which will not be completely broken when it is broken. Even if there is a severe impact, the glass will not fall off, and the

  • Analysis of methods for car glass maintenance

    Glass is like the eyes of a car, determining the safety of the car going forward. If the glass cannot be maintained immediately, it will cause all kinds of troubles to the car owner. Some car owners only pay attention to the maintenance of some large parts during vehicle maintenance, but it is easy

  • How to deal with the scratches on the side frame of the car

    Some time ago, a friend of mine suddenly found that his car had a few scratches near the side frame of the car. In this case, he immediately called me to ask some questions and let me come. Help him solve it. After the call came through, I was quite anxious to hear his tone, so he gave me h

  • About the purchase of sliding windows

    Modern home decoration has always been based on the concept of space saving, low carbon and environmental protection. Tailor-made sliding windows can save space for the balcony. Because the sliding windows are closed, they bring more safety. However, how to choose and buy is introduced by the

  • Material of car glass

    Probably few people pay attention to car glass. We generally believe that car glass is the most fragile part of the car, fragile and easy to crack. Many people also insure their car with glass insurance to reduce their own losses when the glass is broken. In fact, car glass also has many sp

  • Attention to installation of aluminum alloy sliding window

    Automotive aluminum alloy sliding windows are generally suitable for large buses and trains. With the development of modern windows, cars have begun to implement fully automatic switch design. Of course, automotive aluminum alloy sliding windows have both advantages and disadvantages.

  • How to choose automobile film

    Car glass film is to stick a film like object on the front and rear windscreens, side windows and skylights of the vehicle. This film like object is also called solar film or explosion-proof heat insulation film. So how to choose the right car glass film. Those who pay attention to privacy can choos

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