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School Bus Side Window Assembly Factory

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  • Formation of anti-fog film on automobile glass

    Automobile glass anti-fog film adopts electron beam evaporation technology to coat high-melting nickel-cadmium alloy under low-temperature vacuum state or uses magnetron sputtering technology to sputter ceramic fine particles to the PET substrate at high speed. The anti-fog coating PET contains It h

  • How to maintain the appearance of the glass?

    In ordinary life, the use of glass furnaces is very extensive, and the usefulness and effects are endless, but if it is not properly maintained, it will cause losses to the glass. In order to reduce the abrasion and mildew of the product glass, the appearance maintenance method is usually adopted wh

  • Method of repairing scratches on car glass side windows

    The car side window glass can determine whether the line of sight in the car is clear or not. Due to various reasons, the car side window glass is prone to mirror blur or scratches (when the window is raised and lowered, the sand is worn out and the film cutting blade is scratched. Problems such as

  • Glass manufacturing process (automotive glass)

    1. Ingredients, according to the designed material list, weigh various materials and mix them evenly in a mixer. The main materials of glass are: quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid and so on.2. Melt, heat the prepared materials at high temperature to form a uniform and bubble-fre

  • What is the reason why the side windows of the car glass cannot be raised and lowered?

    1. The glass glue strip (including the internal pressure strip) is aging, dirty, deformed, etc., which will form resistance to the rise or fall of the glass. Generally aging, deformation, etc., it is best to replace the new sealing strip, if it is too dirty, just clean it directly.2. The glass lift

  • How to deal with the scratches on the side frame of the car

    Some time ago, a friend of mine suddenly found that his car had a few scratches near the side frame of the car. In this case, he immediately called me to ask some questions and let me come. Help him solve it. After the call came through, I was quite anxious to hear his tone, so he gave me h

  • Material of car glass

    Probably few people pay attention to car glass. We generally believe that car glass is the most fragile part of the car, fragile and easy to crack. Many people also insure their car with glass insurance to reduce their own losses when the glass is broken. In fact, car glass also has many sp


    Glass love International movie star, Jackie Chan, said in an interview in the year that an accidental attempt in a film found that viewers particularly liked the picture of a broken glass impact.



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