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These articles are all highly relevant School Bus Side Window Assembly Supplier. I believe this information can help you understand School Bus Side Window Assembly Supplier's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Formation of anti-fog film on automobile glass

    Automobile glass anti-fog film adopts electron beam evaporation technology to coat high-melting nickel-cadmium alloy under low-temperature vacuum state or uses magnetron sputtering technology to sputter ceramic fine particles to the PET substrate at high speed. The anti-fog coating PET contains It h

  • Car rubber sealing strip maintenance ​

    1. Vulcanized rubber sealing tape Generally it is made of EPDM material. It has excellent generalization function, excellent ozone resistance, excellent weather resistance, good high temperature and low temperature resistance, outstanding chemical resistance, a variety of polar solutes, and low r

  • Exchange and repair of automobile glass

    There are two types of automotive glass: one is laminated glass and the other is tempered glass. Laminated glass is a layer of PVB film in the center of two layers of glass, which will not be completely broken when it is broken. Even if there is a severe impact, the glass will not fall off, and the

  • Glass manufacturing process (automotive glass)

    1. Ingredients, according to the designed material list, weigh various materials and mix them evenly in a mixer. The main materials of glass are: quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid and so on.2. Melt, heat the prepared materials at high temperature to form a uniform and bubble-fre

  • What is the reason why the window of the car glass can not rise and fall?


  • Talking about the development of China's automobile side window industry

    After reading a research report on China's car side windows released by the country today, I suddenly felt that the competitive pressure in today's society is so strong that it makes people feel like a wake-up call. I am dull and can't figure out the country's development strategy in a large environ

  • What is the reason why the side windows of the car glass cannot be raised and lowered?

    1. The glass glue strip (including the internal pressure strip) is aging, dirty, deformed, etc., which will form resistance to the rise or fall of the glass. Generally aging, deformation, etc., it is best to replace the new sealing strip, if it is too dirty, just clean it directly.2. The glass lift

  • Small knowledge points of car window glass

    With the improvement of people's living standards, basically every household has its own car. No matter what kind of car, there will be all kinds of beautiful car windows. Some car manufacturers will make a big fuss on car windows. Today we are here to popularize a little common sense: car win

  • Little common sense about auto glass repair

    Under normal circumstances, the damage to the glass is nothing more than the small stones rolled up by the side car during high-speed driving. Although the stones are not large, they are fast and irregular in shape, which can often break the glass out of pieces in an instant. However, the scale of t

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